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    Does your Apple product need to be serviced? Maybe you’ve visited the Apple Store, and were told that it can’t be fixed, and that you must buy a new product. Whatever it might be, give it another chance with Apple Repair Services from APC Integrated.

    For over 10 years, APC Integrated has been servicing all types of Apple products with the highest standards in the industry. We repair and service:

    • Apple MacBooks
    • iMacs
    • Mac Pros
    • iPads
    • iPhones
    • iPods
    • and more!

    And can fix issues like:

    • Broken/Cracked Screen
    • Device not turning on
    • Upgrades for Macs
    • Slowness & Mac Tuneup
    • Water Damage
    • Broken Case/Part
    • Data Recovery for Mac
    • Data Backup, Antivirus for Mac
    • …and more (ask us)