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    Mobile Device Services
    Mobile Devices are the future of technology. Everywhere you look, cellphones & tablets are replacing computers. Everything that could be done on a computer 5 years ago can now be done on a tablet or mobile phone.

    As a result, mobile devices have become very important in everyday life. You manage your business with them, store your documents and photos on them, and might even use them for mobile banking and finance. But their small size and mobility can make them easy to lose or damage.

    Luckily, APC Integrated is here to help. We provide a number of Mobile Device Services including:

    • Tablet and Smartphone Sales
    • Prepaid Phone Service (Sprint, Boost Mobile)
    • Cracked screen replacement for iPhone, Android
    • iPhone Repair
    • Tablet and phone accessories
    • Tablet and mobile phone repair
    • Data backup for tablets and phones
    • Data recovery for tablets and phones
    • …and more! (Please ask us)

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