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    APC Integrated offers both Remote (from our office) and On-Site Service (where we travel to your location).

    Remote Service
    With Remote Services from APC Integrated, we can work on your computer remotely from our office, by controlling your computer over the internet. You never have to leave your home or work, and you can get instant service. With just a few clicks, you can give us secure access to your computer via LogMeIn, our official remote support software.

    Onsite Service
    With Onsite Service from APC Integrated, we come to you! We’ll drive to your location of choice, and conduct all requested services on-premises. If, for any reason, we cannot finish the service on site, or if the service you requested cannot be done Onsite, we will offer you the choice of having us pickup the computer from your home, and drop it off once finished.

    Pickup & Dropoff
    If the service you request cannot be done Onsite or Remotely, we also offer the option of picking up your computer from you at your home. We’ll bring the computer into our shop, and work on it there. Once we’re finished, we’ll schedule a time with you to dropoff the computer.