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A Plus Computer Services has been providing IT solutions to businesses and consumers in the Boston area since 2003. Since then, we’ve partnered with many software & hardware vendors, service companies, and small businesses alike. We’ve also partnered with other IT service providers outside of Boston, allowing us to offer our services to a wider geographic region, and address a variety of technical needs.

Home Security Services

This is what we do:

Your home is important. It’s where you sleep, eat, relax, and live. It’s not just a storage container, it’s where memories are made. Your home (and everything else in it) is sensitive. Burglary, fire, and other disasters threaten everything you have. Although you might have a proper data backup and safety solution for your computer and devices, your home may still be vulnerable to real world threats. There’s no need to worry, A Plus Computer Services can help.

A home security solution is only effective if it provides peace of mind. That’s why we only use quality products and offer practical solutions via our Partners that are top rated in the Industry.

At A Plus Computer Services, we offer:

  • Surveillance System Sales
  • Surveillance System Installation
  • Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Home Security Training & Analysis
  • Alarm Systems & Sales


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