About us


A Plus Computer Services has been providing IT solutions to businesses and consumers in the Boston area since 2003. Since then, we’ve partnered with many software & hardware vendors, service companies, and small businesses alike. We’ve also partnered with other IT service providers outside of Boston, allowing us to offer our services to a wider geographic region, and address a variety of technical needs.

Protecion Plans

This is what we do:

Protection Plans from A Plus Computer Repair protect your computer or devices when they break or stop working. Think of it as prepaid protection for when you least expect to need it.

Big box stores offer empty warranties that don’t help you. Their protection plans are merely cheap insurance policies that make them some extra money at the expense of the customer. But A Plus Computer Services offers real protection backed by our experienced technicians. These are not insurance policies – these are real guarantees that we stick behind.

When you buy a protection plan from A Plus Computer Services, we price the plan based on the value of the computer, and the potential costs of repair. Then we present you with multi-tiered protection options, with different price ranges to suit your budget. You choose the level of protection and price you want, and walk out knowing that you’re protected.


No Fix, No Fee
30 Days Warranty
Guaranteed Service
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